Welcome to the Central Oregon Medical Society

The Central Oregon Medical Society was founded 1947 (We're 69 Years Old) and is the 5th largest of 28 medical societies in Oregon in no. of Delegates to the Oregon Medical Association.

Membership includes: 

  • Presentations and discussion at meetings with Distinguished Speakers of major healthcare issues and administration topics affecting Central Oregon
  • 5 events planned for 2016
  • Dinners (with no-host bar) at all meetings
  • Spouses included - free for 1st year members, 1/2 price ($50) for 2nd year members (excluding COIPA meetings)
  • Childcare and children's program at all meetings except annual meeting with COIPA
  • Family Day at Awbrey Glen Golf Club
  • Holiday Party at High Desert Museum
  • Full Website Access including contact info of other members and their practices,  St. Charles grand rounds info, and hot topics including marijuana & opioid challenges, sports medicine, suicide prevention, and cancer screening

Membership Fees for 2016

Returning Members: 
New Members join for a reduced Annual Membership 
Fee and free attendance for spouse = $150 for both member and spouse

2nd Year Members join at regular membership fee = $175 without spouse or 1/2 additional fee with spouse ($50) = $225 for both member and spouse

2016 Directors

  • Fran McCabe, MD 2016 President & OMA Trustee
  • Osvaldo Schirripa, MD Immediate Past President
  • Ripdeep Mangat, MD 
  • Sanaz Askari, DO
  • Linda Leffel, MD
  • Kristine Traustason, MD
  • Matthew Cook, PA
  • Michael Mastrangelo, MD Oregon Medical Board

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Upcoming Events

Fall Meeting TBD

Monday Nov 7th

Now that he readily won the Republican primary, William Campbell ("Bud") will share his hopes for Oregon.  4 MDs signed the Declaration of Independence, 2 MDs signed the Constitution, and 3 signed the Bill of Rights. Why not another MD for Oregon governor?

Holiday Party: Dining, Program, DJ, Dancing, Special Children’s Activities

Friday Dec 9th

Our Holiday Party will be Friday evening, December 9, at the Community Center, 62070 27th adjacent to Walgreens's. Tate & Tate is catering !

Archie Bleyer