Webinar on New Medicare Card: February 21st 3-4 pm EST

The AMA has arranged for a CMS briefing on the new Medicare card on February 21st from 3-4 pm EST. 
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The new Medicare card is a result of MACRA’s requirement that CMS issue Medicare cards that do not display Social Security Numbers to address the risk of beneficiary identity theft. New Medicare cards will be issued beginning in April 2018 and physician offices must be prepared to accept the new Medicare identification number at that time.

As the new Medicare cards will significantly impact physician practices’ workflows, we strongly encourage state and specialty society staff, as well as physicians and their office staff, to attend this webinar.  It will include time for Q & A and will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Pease|Pariser Symposium: November 2-3, 2017

Anxiety, Exasperation, Exhaustion, Depression, Burnout, and Suicide in Healthcare Professionals

The program is now set for St. Charles - Bend Center for Health & Learning, after Epic was convinced to allow use of the Center during the month that had the entire facility reserved.  We will now start at 5p on Thursday, November 2 with:
   !   Small-group sessions with experts from Rayleigh-Durham, Indiana University, Eugene and OHSU,  followed by
  !!   Dinner and our keynote speaker Dike Drummond from Seattle and continue the next morning with
 !!!   Grand Rounds at 7p with experts from Eugene and Epic, and conclude immediately after with
!!!!   Small-group sessions with experts from Eureka, University of Washington and Central Oregon between 8 and 9a.

Woody Peoples Back Home: The Bulletin Front Page Report

Woody is back home from Mosul, Iraq, after two months of volunteering on the front lines to take care of families injured by the Syrian war. "Home" is all relative. Read the report to realize the difference.

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2nd 2017 Meeting: How to Continue to Avoid Opioid Epidemic Here in Central Oregon

April 10, 2017    Opioid Overdose Epidemic: What is a Clinician To Do?

Not only is the State of Oregon the only state to have had a reduction in the opioid overdose mortality rate, the rate in Central Oregon is lower than the rest of the state and has shown, as of 2015, no evidence for an increase that has affected the rest of the West and the rest of the United States. Rates of opioid overdose deaths, hospitalizations and opiate prescription overall and of <120 morphine equivalent doses in Deschutes County have all declined by 7% to 47% during recent years.
Jessica LeBlanc, MD (pictured), Kim Swanson, PhD, and Kym Garrett, LAc reviewed methods medical professionals can utilize to prevent the national opioid epidemic from affecting our community.

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1st 2017 COMS Meeting: Plans for Medical Professional Wellness Program

February 6, 2017
Donald Girard, MD
(pictured), Emeritus Professor and  Past Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education, OHSU, as well as past Chair of Oregon Medical Board, and Amanda Borgess, Executive Director. Greater Metropolitan Portland Medical Society, described the success of their Medical Professional Wellness Program, following the accomplishment of a similar program in the Lane County Medical Society.  COMS and the St. Charles Healthcare System have decided to embark mutually on a similar program in Central Oregon. The planned program will be readily accessible at the convenience of the provider, confidential, free to the provider, private and minimally constrained by record keeping.

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