Mission Vision Values

Our Vision

Our Medical Society opens the doors needed to provide the best, affordable healthcare in Central and Eastern Oregon available anywhere

Core Values

The key to the best of healthcare in Central & Eastern Oregon is organization, collaboration, and amity among its physicians and their families personal and professional


To serve and support physicians in their efforts to improve the health of Central and Eastern Oregonians

As a Physician's Turnkey Organization, the Central Oregon Medical Society

  •  Enables physicians of Central and Eastern Oregon to optimize the medical care they provide
  • Enhances interaction among member physicians, within their families and for their patients
  • Represents the common interests of member physicians and their relationships with the healthcare organizations of Central and Eastern Oregon and of the Oregon Medical Association.


Purpose (per Incorporation Bylaws)

  (i)  Bring into one organization the physicians of Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook Counties

 (ii)  Optimize medical care in these counties

(iii)  Advance medical education

(iv)  Enhance interaction among physicians and their families

 (v)  Represent the common interests of member physicians

(vi)  Function in conjunction with the Oregon Medical Association and the American Medical Association, participating in and utilizing their programs.